Saturday, April 21, 2007

Just Human

Human mind and the way it feels and responds to everything that happens around us everyday is a very complicated but interesting subject. I feel it in my life that those people who learn to judge the stimulus that makes them perform certain actions, desirable or undesirable, worth celebrations or regrets, can orientate themselves to be better equipped for life and the various challenges it offers us every day.
Now beauty of everything in this world lies in the fact that behind every complex problem there is an equally simple solution. We may say that life presents us with a different challenge every day, but the emotional level with which we handle each challenge remains same for similar situations. If we look at our lives carefully, we find that only in one out of a hundred situations you'll find yourself saying "Whoa! I never faced anything like that before in my life". And this element of familiarity with what lies ahead of us increases with time. Some call it experience, some call it intuition while some call it carving of emotional patterns on one's personality with age. Its just a matter of approach to the subject. The realities remain the same, the context keeps changing every day.
Now life has its surprises and it has amazing ways of making the same days feel different. Every problem needs working on, and its in the human nature to get emotionally involved in everything we work on because behind every effort there is a hope to see its reward. That is one of the first lesson life teaches us. So we live, we try and we keep on putting effort just to see the thing through, to get the reward, to feel the success, to have the embrace of satisfaction; and satisfaction is the core of every effort anyway. Every other emotion is relative, satisfaction is absolute. Happiness is above satisfaction and discontentment and sorrow is below that.
These pickles of life is actually what makes it worth the effort, what makes our lives so enjoyable and worth living.

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